Animal Crossing

im love animal crossing!

my first game was ac:ww for the ds, a classic imo
i played that game nonstop, and id do this dumb thing where before i went to bed, i would go in game to my house and as get in bed (not the attic ones) and close my ds and leave in charging, yea ik dijnaiuwdnaw

then i got into city folk!! i played this one a ton too, but im not sure if i have that town anymore

and finally, in 2013 i got new leaf!! i have many hours in that game, but all my towns have been wiped since then, but i currently have a town called love!!

i own all the main games released in north america, and i really wanna play my copy of acgc but i dont have a wii/gamecube :(

heres my FC: 1607-8003-3744

last update: 12/3/2020

town of love