ty sakurai


game of choice: ultimate ofc

heres a general idea of my play style:

if u give me a heavy character i will play and whack the f*ck babey
dedede is my #1 main for sure, he will always be my favorite!! dedede is the one!!!!!!!!

if ud like to play against me then ask for my FC!! i have online until december and ill probably renew it

i started playing smash in 2009 when i got a wii + brawl, and ohhhh boy was i estatic! i played subspace emmissary about 3 times total which probably isnt a lot but it had a huge impact on my childhood cause it inspired me to create my own worlds just like sakurai kinda did and omg it was le epic...

ik brawl isnt the Best one ofc but it has a special place in my heart, even if totally broken without modding lol! its just a fun time

i eventually got to play melee in middle school w my old friend hannah on her gamecube and i liked it a lot, i picked roy because i thought he was hawt but i sucked so bad lol, melee is cool but eh i dont see the obsession to have for it o_o oops

i got 4 when it came out and played it very casually to be honest, i loved the hype surrounding the game but i wasnt truly as into it as i was in brawl, and i didnt get the dlc until like right after smash ultimate was announced.... oops. it was still a fun game, but i dont have the same love for it as brawl or ultimate i guess

when ultimate got announced...i licherally sh*t my pants the fact that we got every single character plus new additions sakurai and the team working with him have done such a good job im so- thankful djaldhkahdkja
i preordered it ofc which i h8 doing for games but i had to....ive bought a lot of the new amiibo too oopsie
ultimate is my absolute fav in the series hands down, melee can not compete where it cant compare (im kidding pls dont kill me melee fanboys)